Category: Substance Abuse Mental Health Programs

Program lasts 4-9 months. Adolescent program starts at age 12, clients receive a certificate, offer parenting, anger mgmt, dv, dwi, all men, all women, adolescent classes. They refer out for MHA. Provide roundtrip metrocards.
They discharge after 30 days non compliance and drug
test for all substances including K2.
they will report a positive tox to all agencies involved on the first time.

Phone: 718-653-1117 fax 718-653-2112
Address: 1080 E Gunhill Rd
Referral: Walk in, same day referrals
Eligibility: Currently using substance(s), takes court mandated clients.
Insurance: Medicaid, they also have a Metroplus worker on site. They take undocumented clients on sliding scale with an ID from Bronx Defenders as well as a utility bill.
Updated: September 02, 2015 01:48


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