Category: Alternative to Incarceration Programs

Alternative to Incarceration ATI or ATD program for youth 13+ and adults with felony charges. Services for SPMI and other mental health concerns available, including courtroom evaluation.

Notes from Sarah K. on 4/1/15:
Their adolescent clinicians are in Tuesday and Thursdays.
They have a Spanish-speaking clinician in on Mondays.
I spoke with Rachel and she said that so far, all undocumented clients that have come in for services have been able to receive them free of charge! This might not be the situation forever; based on grant funding, folks without insurance may have to start paying based on sliding-scale fee schedule eventually.

Phone: 212-553-6708
Address: 215 E 161 St., Bronx, NY 10451
Referral: Referral forms can be sent to 212-222-1683

Medicaid/Medicare, Call for intake
Eligibility: CHOICES program serves young people facing juvenile detention in New York County Family Court, including probation violators or youth at risk of violating probation.
Insurance: They say that they will NOT turn ANYONE away who comes in for services; regardless of insurance status!
Updated: April 01, 2015 15:13


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