The Osborne Association - ARCHES

Category: Youth Programs

Group counseling and activities for youth involved in the criminal justice system. Each youth is matched with a Mentor who can offer guidance and encouragement, coaching on life and leadership skills and a stipend. Two sessions per week (on Tuesday & Thursday evenings that last for about 1.5 hours and include a meal) for 6 months.

Phone: 718-707-2600
Address: 809 Westchester Ave.
Bronx NY, 10455
Referral: Call or email
Eligibility: Available to 16 to 24 year olds who are currently on probation and are struggling with life aspects such as relationships, family, education, employment, goal setting, and making changes to habits, thoughts and behaviors.

Need a valid ID: social security card, birth certificate, passport, citizen card or NYS ID or driver's license.
Updated: March 12, 2015 15:15


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