Good Shepherd Services

Category: Shelters and Transitional Housing

Good Shepherd Services operates more than 80 programs in high-need communities throughout New York City united by a common goal: to help vulnerable youth and families find a safe passage to self-sufficiency. You’ll find us where we’re needed most – in communities stressed by poverty and crime, in failing schools, or working to address the needs of young people who cannot live with their families. Though our programs and services are diverse, our approach is always the same. We surround youth and families with the right services, at the right time, for long enough to make a difference. This wraparound approach helps young people to build a wide range of skills and build strong connections with caring adults, peers, and the broader community. LGBTQ-friendly.

Bronx: Broad range of community, family, and school-based services; foster boarding home and adoption services; group homes for boys and girls.

Brooklyn: Broad range of community, family, and school-based services.

Manhattan: Broad range of residential programs for adolescents, supportive/transitional housing for young adults, school-based support services, job readiness training, and professional training services.

Phone: Phone: 212-243-7070
TTY: 800-376-0219
Fax: 212-929-3412
Eligibility: Must be 18 to 22-years-old
Updated: February 27, 2015 22:09


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