Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy

Category: Mental Health/Behavioral Health Programs

PCGS provides affirmative, supportive psychotherapy to the LGBTQ community and recognizes the range and diversity of gender and sexuality within all of us. We will develop a personal treatment plan for you and choose an appropriate therapist. During the initial interview, your intake counselor will discuss the selection of a therapist, the frequency of sessions, and fees. Our fees are based on a sliding scale. Your treatment begins within two weeks after your initial phone call. Your call is strictly confidential.

Phone: Phone: 212-333-3444 to schedule an intake appointment
Fax: 212-333-5444
Address: 1841 Broadway (at 60th Street)
4th Floor
New York, NY 10023
Insurance: ICP accepts HIP, Medicare, 1199, and Chickering health insurances. If your Chickering insurance is through Columbia University, you must first obtain a referral.

For patients without insurance, or with insurance that we do not accept, PCGS and ICP offer fees on a sliding scale. The initial intake appointment is a $60 flat fee. After that session, our intake committee will review the income-verification documents you provide to create a fair fee. Lower-income individuals or full-time students pay on the lower end of the scale, while higher-income individuals pay more. The intake fee falls at about the middle of our scale.
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