STEPS to End Family Violence - Criminal Justice Programs

Category: Domestic Violence Related Programs

Program for criminal justice involved clients experiencing IPV/DV, sex trafficking, and related trauma. Offers an ATI program, reentry services, and court-based services in English and Spanish. Services are provided in our Brooklyn office, in the field, at court and at Rose M. Singer Center, the woman’s jail at Riker’s Island.

Queens based Hidden Victims Project which works within the Human Trafficking Intervention Part, mental health recovery court, and misdemeanor treatment court parts. Through this project we provide counseling and group services to victims of trauma and trafficking who have been arrested and appear in those parts.

Phone: 646-315-7600
Information: 877-STEPS-94
Address: PO Box 287326
New York, NY 10128
Referral: Call for referral
Eligibility: Eligible clients are survivors of gender-based violence –intimate partner violence – and have an open criminal case related to their histories of abuse.
Must participate a minimum of:
4 months (misd)
6 months (felony)
Insurance: Services are free of charge
Updated: October 28, 2015 15:45


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