Per Scholas - IT Job Training

Category: Job Training Programs

FREE full time 14-week training for IT jobs including Network Enginerring, IT Support, and Software Testing. No experience needed.

Phone: 718-991-8400
Address: 804 E 138th St #2
Bronx, NY 10454
Borough: Bronx
Referral: Apply on website, then attend an information session. Brief entrance exam (practice tests available) - Need to pass 10th grade level for admission. Last step is in person interview.
Eligibility: •Are unemployed
•Work only part-time
•Work in a minimum wage or other low-paying job
•Work only sometimes throughout the year
•Receive any public benefits such as unemployment insurance, Medicaid, subsidized housing, nutrition or income support
Updated: December 02, 2015 20:03


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