Creedmoor Outpatient - Queens Village Wellness and Recovery Center

Category: Substance Abuse Mental Health Programs

Range of outpatient mental health programs at several locations throughout Queens.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT): This team provides mobile treatment and wraparound services for those patients in Eastern Queens who need support post discharge to prevent rehospitalization. The Creedmoor, Building 40, (718) 264-4390

•Bridger Program: This program provides linkage and support for inpatients with long hospital stays when the possibility of discharge becomes imminent. Office of Discharge Planning, Creedmoor, Building 40, (718) 264-5630

•Intensive Case Management Program (ICM) provides an intensive level of supervision and serves as a support and follows patients throughout outpatient and inpatient admissions. ICM staff provide coordination of services for consumers under "Assisted Outpatient Treatment" court mandate.

•Case Management Program: Building 40, (718) 264-5300

Phone: Phone: (718) 264-3950
Address: 80-45 Winchester Boulevard
Queens Village, NY 11427
Eligibility: Services are provided on a fee for service or pre–paid plan basis, depending on the needs and eligibility of consumers
Updated: October 28, 2015 14:07


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